Satanic Ceremonies staged in public by the Illuminati

March 15, 2015

Ides of March: "Putin" torches Novodevichy monastery - Moscow 1917, 1939, 2015

Satanic celebration: Ides of March Moscow 2015: Novodevichy monastery torched by "Putin"
Ides of March 1917, Moscow - Czar Nicholas II Abdicates His Throne.
Czar Nicholas II of Russia signs his abdication papers, ending a 304-year-old royal dynasty and ushering in Bolshevik rule. 
He and his family are taken captive.
July 1918: Lenin, an ethnic german executing orders from the Illuminati Grand Master, has Czar Nicholas II executed before a firing squad.

Ides of March 1939 - Germany Occupies Czechoslovakia
Just six months after Czechoslovak leaders ceded the Sudetenland, Nazi troops directly executing orders from the Illuminati Grand Master, Adolf Hitler, seize the provinces of Bohemia and Moravia, effectively wiping Czechoslovakia off the map.
This was the real first step in what was originally scripted as the final illuminazi assault on Moscow.

Ides of March 2015, Moscow, During the illuminati joke "Putin missing", staged March 8 to 18:
Nazi agent impersonating murdered Putin since 2010 torches Novodevichy (New Maidens') monastery, close to Kremlin, again executing orders from the Illuminati Grand Master, Alexander Adolf Hitler, the Fuherer's great nephew.
Fake Putin detonated the incendiary bomb at the monastery's tower. 
Goal, in the words of illuminati media, "Live footage led some to believe the Kremlin was on fire".
A parallel script to another bomb, this time figurative, detonated by suicide bomber "Putin" days earlier, again as close to the Kremlin as it gets: the fake death of Boris Nemtsov.

Moscow's historic Novodevichy Convent catches fire close to Kremlin
Live footage of Moscow led some to believe the Kremlin was on fire, but it was the Novodevichy Convent that was ablaze

The Novodevichy Convent was founded in 1524 to celebrate the taking of Smolensk from Lithuania, an important step in Moscow’s conquest of the old Kyivan Rus lands.

Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1939

Days earlier and also as close to the Kremlin as it gets:
Fake Putin stages FAKE death of Boris Nemtsov.
How easy it was to stage a "public funeral" - undeniable evidence of russians reduced to cattle.
Boris Nemtsov is alive and well, but he could have indeed died laughing as he watched his funeral set a milestone.
Nemtsov's funeral milestone: first fake death followed by public supposedly paying respects at open casket. The trick exposed:

Days later: the fake Germanwings crash celebrates torching carcasses of human cattle:

Talk of torched and razed churches and another bunch of illuminazi agents, this time dressed as "leaders of the communist party":
China: not only churches but also crosses razed to the ground

One of two ultimate examples of an illuminati suicide bomber:
Murdered Putin's impersonator openly tells who he is: a traitor:

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