Satanic Celebrations

Satanic Ceremonies staged in public by the Illuminati

May 31, 2017

Manchester bombs in concert: Libya rebels to shared Salman: Trump, Saudi King, Theresa May, Fatima

Introduction Jun 9, 2017 - Headlines "Theresa May loses majority": 
An act part of a script exposed long before the tranny casted as scary clown May called for a snap election.
More precisely BEFORE the BREXIT referendum, when more than 70% voted to LEAVE while the script is: results first served as "LEAVE wins 51% to 49%" only to be later undone.

Reminder from May 31, 2017
Satanic celebrations: Links between murder of christian copts in Egypt and mockery of Fatima
From Eurovision song contest winner Salvador Sobral to suicide bombers, either fake (Salman Abedi) or real (Theresa May).

Manchester special agendas: from "bomb rebels in Libya" to "Undo Brexit"
Manchester's FAKE teen BLOOD and real christian copt blood in Egypt: ALL carried out by the illuminati. Both acts share this agenda: bomb Libya rebels.

Manchester FAKE BLOOD - Agendas
Part of the series served on an almost daily basis setting the stage for transportation (from non-whites to dissidents) to death camps.
Special agendas:
- undo Brexit while advancing the legal police state, using actors casted as scary clowns, from Theresa May to Boris Johnson; 
- redo US travel ban.
- bomb rebels in Libya (same as the REAL blood act "Egyptian copts murdered", which is part of the general agenda "Genocide of christians").

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi's photo, Theresa May's name: same reference, Fatima
Theresa May was named to sound like "treze Maio" (13 May) in portuguese.
The "ISIS bomber" was named to match this parallel act: "Trump visits Saudi King Salman". But the first 3 characters stand for yet another link.
His more detailed photo is a digital creation meant to suggest Salvador Sobral, the portuguese casted as "Conchita, transvestite Jesus, resurrects 3 years later as bearded Our Lady of Fatima".
A script that includes these two premieres on May 13, 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima, hours after a fake pope visits Fatima for the fourth time: 
- Portugal's saviour (Salvador) wins Eurovision song contest.
- most popular portuguese team Benfica, coached by Vitória (Victory), wins the league four times in a row, with Jesus and Espirito Santo (Holy Spirit) (coaches of its two rivals Sporting and FC Porto) in disMAY. 

May 25, 2017 - Corbyn Says War on Terror Not Working as U.K. Polls Narrow
May 27, 2017 - UK PM May's lead narrows after Manchester attack placing landslide win in doubt

May 26, 2017 - 'Large part' of Manchester attack network held in Britain
... police scramble to bust a Libya-linked jihadist network thought to be behind the Manchester terror attack

May 27, 2017 - Egypt launches second day of Libyan air strikes after attack on Christians

31 May 2017 - ISIS bomber photo suggesting Salvador Sobral:
Manchester authorities refuse to bury the body of ISIS bomber Salman Abedi

More of the same, days later:
London Bridge attack: Britain looks to take tougher line on terrorism

June 4, 2017 - Trump argues for travel ban after attacks hit London

Manchester: bomb at teen idol's concert: how it was staged: see text appended to: 
Illuminati jokes: Ariana Grande, 2014 'overheard saying she hoped her fans would all f***ing die', at the big arena.

Next three links ALL from April 2017:
Brexit undo miracle: scary clowns make it a success: Theresa May calls election: for dummies

France: human cattle mocked with Trannies and Pimps before the global kill shot.
Starts May 2017: Brigitte first lady of France: why tranny scripted as 24 yrs older than Macron.
Increasingly viciously scary May before June: predicted, explained only by one:
"Theresa May", the main actor in this chapter, was already playing the leading role before May 7, when tranny "Brigitte Macron, first lady of France" will also be placed in the spotlight.
The chapter's title is meant as literal parallelism to both the timing (starting with Theresa May's image in May) and the main agenda (repeat UK "election" to "undo Brexit" in June).

FULL script exposed weeks in advance:
13th May 2017, 100 years of Fatima: To what lengths did the illuminati go and WHY:

December 23, 2016

Aleppo Christmas: beyond pyramid tree resurrection in Jerusalem

Christmas celebrations begin in Aleppo: beyond the pyramid tree: Obama Bin Laden's resurrection
Aleppo "liberated" by the IV Reich - from UN map to anyone's drone
UN map using satellite imagery to show the damage to Aleppo. Red = 100% destroyed. ID'd 33,521 damaged structures.
A map which is the soft version of what drones show:
Aleppo "liberation": why deadline set before Christmas
To expell freedom loving syrians from Aleppo the IV Reich had to resort to the ultimate weapons.
No, I don't mean the hoax known as "atomic bomb", I mean what goes beyond incendiary and splitter bombs: thermobaric and bunker busting bombs, from schools to children's hospitals.
The reward ranges from the ultimate stage for pyramids dressed as Christmas trees to deadlines fulfilled for the BIG BANG.
Aleppo: Satanic illuminati mockery of Christmas by celebrating genocide
20/12/2016 - "Students celebrating the Syrian Army victory in Aleppo"
How many of these "students", all with unrecognizable faces, are also part of the 120,000 foreign mercenaries dressed as "shia militias" currently in Aleppo?
On the other hand you you can recognize some of the faces of the "christias" waving Hezbollah flags around the "Christmas tree".
Have Aleppo as the climax for the satanic celebration of the last Christmas before the proclamation of Global Slavery.
In other words: drop in Aleppo the same "Christmas tree" alias conical pyramid seen in every other major city around the world where illuminati are celebrating "Christmas".
Notes - 20 Dec 2016
Video: Christmas celebrations begin in Aleppo
Students celebrating the Syrian Army victory in Aleppo
BIG BANG - Three alternative dates for  the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden in Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777:
FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays
Events served by illuminati media:
Gaza: from the only destroyed blocks, an area where 1% of the 2 million used to live
Aleppo: never from destroyed blocks, an area where in 2011 80% lived.
Sep 30, 2016 - Gaza Aleppo: perfect link: lady served by Alexander Adolf Hitler's own YT channel 

October 14, 2016

Adolf Hitler's birthday: Stalin's murder 3333 v Trump's inauguration 6666 weeks

Check out all you can learn about the illuminati with just one birthday.

Adolf Hitler's birthday: Stalin's murder 3333 v Trump's inauguration 6666 weeks
Illuminati waited more than two years to murder Stalin: script had it 3333 weeks since Hitler's birthday. It was revealed first by Last Prophet.
"Stalin dead 3333 weeks", already fulfilled, and "Trump inaugurated 6666 weeks", already announced: both count since day 1 and both surfaced because of modified scripts.
- only 3333 was written because another script had to be modfied.
Hitler had Stalin murdered 3333 weeks after his birth date ultimately because the World War II script had to be modified.
- only 6666 is apparently about to be fulfilled (only alternative: martial law, Obama's third term) although it was originally written as alternative script.

Trump's 6666 weeks:
Hitler's great nephew Alexander doubled "Stalin dead" number for the day that Trump was scripted as 70 years 7 months and 7 days or 777, the BIG BANG's KEY number.
Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler has the actor scripted as "billionaire Trump" inaugurated as 45th US president 6666 weeks after his great uncle was born.
"Counterfeit 45th president starts to echo the Last Trumpets on his 777th day" alias Trump/Pence presidency setting the stage for Hitler's oldest daughter Hitlery Clinton crowned as Miss Universe:
the first choice for the role "republican impostor disarms citizens" was McCain as 44th and it was modified first to Rommey alias Hollywood actor Richard Jenkins as 45th.
The Trump script was to be released only if the BIG BANG (original start date was set for 2009) would have to be be postponed.

Counting from the day Hitler was born:
3333 weeks: 7 March 1953, two days after Stalin was killed and two days before Stalin's funeral.
Date Calculator: Add to or Subtract From a Date – Results
6666 weeks: 21 January 2017: inauguration of the actor casted in the postponed BIG BANG script
Date Calculator: Add to or Subtract From a Date – Results

7 March 1953: How Moscow broke the news of Stalin's death
Stalin lying in state in the hall of Trade Union House, Moscow.
1953: How Moscow broke news of Stalin's death

Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast it with Castro / Che Guevara
History of End Times: Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast with Castro / Che Guevara

6666 New York Win 4 Lottery Pick on Trump's inauguration predicted by Last Prophet - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE
Reminder from Dec 2016
The original date for the act "Osama resurrects" was Easter Sunday. It had to be postponed SIX times, three of them already after the act "missing Boeing 777".
Obama Bin Laden resurrection: FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays
Big Bang is NOW - from annihilation of pensions and savings to race war: FINAL COUNTDOWN: perfect 6666 matrix 6 failed Easter Sundays: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond

July 22, 2016

Euro 2016: Portugal football champion at Lisbon airport: Cross of Christ on fire:: original SCRIPT

Illuminati icon (for the human cattle) Ronaldo: script's climax: Ronaldo arrested because of gigantic taxes evasion.
Now you know also how this mockery ends: Ronaldo sets milestones in a "democracy" for a person still alive: a statue at the center of Madeira's capital, Santa Catarina airport renamed after him.
In other words, with another premiere: Funchal stripped from statue, Ronaldo stripped of airport.

Why Illuminati didn't go as far as to strip the airplanes of the portuguese Air Force from the cross of Christ.
For the same reason that that they didn't plant the EU flag in any of the seven castles represented in the portuguese flag or in any castle, portuguese or not, for that matter.
In other words: for the same reason that governors of EU states are still called "prime-ministers" and "presidents of the Republic"
What does this have to do with the final of the Euro 2016? After reading this you will know much more than the answer.

Portugal team arrives at Lisbon airport: the original SCRIPT
What was supposed to have happened at noon, Jul 11, 2016 
- twelve hours after "losing again the final 1-0, this time to France, because Ronaldo was deliberately knocked out"
- minutes after "Cross of Christ set on fire" staged as yet another "vaporized aircraft" episode: "Hercules C-130 military transport burning just before take-off, killing three including the pilot".
Staged at the Montijo airforce base, facing Lisbon airport on the other bank of the Tagus river. 
- one day before "EU imposes new sanctions on Portugal because of deficit but not on France although it also passed the limits set by the EU".
- as the start of yet another mock celebration, but this time with nearly every portuguese also in the cast as "Lisbon celebrates the epic path of Portugal to the final" alias of mediocrity.

Euro 2016 final: why illuminati football chief expert will not be replaced
Script's KEY act was a total misjudgement and yet illuminati football chief expert will not be replaced.
Note: in what follows "magic" refers to illuminati numerology.

How the stage was set
Cast in the final: reduced to 
- France's three strikers, all white in a team of blacks, in the role of the coming magic 777 strike at Jerusalem;
- one of them, Griezmann in the role of illuminati icon, best scorer of the competition with 7 goals.
- Ronaldo, cast as illuminati icon for a decade now.

France's striker team
Gignac, a striker playing in the mexiacan league, was in the cast to complete the magic 777 strike team with Giroud and Griezmann (G is the magic seventh character).
Griezmann wears the magic 17 and was scripted to start the final with 6 scored goals and score the only mirror his number 17: score 1 goal and total 7.

His act was scripted at the start, in a remake of the Brazil match with Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2014.
Reminder: brazilian star striker Neymar forced to simulate an injury, to justify "Brazil massacred 7-0 by Germany at home" in the next match.

Illuminati would change their football chief expert-in-chief if the show would not be terminated now
Two reasons for the change would be:
1. He was not able to get that staging Ronaldo's injury 9 minutes into the game would have the OPPOSITE effect of what was scripted.
In other words: that Ronaldo became THE liability in Portugal's team, as related Euro 2016 statistics show: #1 in off-sides, #1 in failed blatant chances to score, more failed than succesfull passes in progression, etc.
Not to mention the world record for consecutive failed attempts to score with a free kick: in a years long series the number reached now 43 and Ronaldo still won't let anyone else try it.

2. He was so wrong about Ronaldo that he also thought that it would be not necessary to cast two portuguese defenders in the script, as it was the case for the Brazilian team in the semi-final of the World Cup 2014.

Ronaldo's "injury" 2016 vs Suarez "bite" 2014
A reminder: ALL TV commentators are previously informed of what their line is after a scripted act. In this case: "it looks like Ronaldo was terribly hit".
Contrast it with the staged bite from Suarez in 2014, where there was no need to photoshop evidence after the match: the "mark" was already there in advance, Chielini only had to uncover it.

Photoshopped "evidence" to have human cattle comment: "it certainly looks like the collision horribly injured his knee."

Brazil and Portugal: illuminati links established across the Atlantic:
From seers to cheering football wannabe champions and plane crashes.
Nov 2016 - How it all comes together:
Chapecoense, Brazil wonder football team crash: Galilee seer v Illuminati Grand Master: ATTENTION: NOT a joke
"Plane Carrying Doomed Wonder Team Ran Out of Fuel Before Crash" is the key joke in the script "Brazilian Football Wonder Team DROPPED".
As for the seer "Charly from Galilee" joke: what the comparison with the Illuminati Grand Master's predictions reveals is NOT a joke.

May 13, 2017 - Illuminati mock Fatima's 100th anniversary with "miracles", two of them part of the script "Football miracles by pope Francis, who is crazy for footbal".

For Suarez bite and Brazil masscred at home 2014 you can start here:
England out of EUro, boss quits: staged twice within two days as parallel type of illuminati joke.
Same as the scripted Wales slaughters Russia 7-0, that against the odds the welsh players were not able to complete.,
Jun 2016 - 
Copa America semi-finals: Mexico slaughtered at home (Southern California) 7-0.
It was the second part of the trilogy staged before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest after Jerusalem's resurrection of Osama crucified to missing Boeing 777:
Two days later:
Euro 2016: Grotesque Wales football team unable to score the scripted 7 goals despite having half of the Russian team on their side

Jul 2014 Footbal World Cup: Germany Brazil 7-1 impossible result THEATER: ** UNDENIABLE ** proof: ALL explained in ADVANCE ONLY by Last Prophet
Brazil, still took place because ukrainian resisters forced Illuminati Grand Master to postpone BIG BANG.
Brazilians virtually slaughtered by Germany, one year after the real slaughter of brazilians by the illuminati at the Santa Maria disco.
Neymar and two defenders blackmailed to participate.
All staged by Brazil's treasonous government, nazi agents executing illuminati orders.
The impossible result: Symbolic score was supposed to be 7-0 with 5-0 at half time and 4 goals in 7 minutes.
Why the script wasn't exactly fulfilled

Illuminati icon Ronaldo does nothing but to execute orders from the illuminati.
Last Prophet's words from 2012 and 2009 survived here

End Times Prophet's words from 2004:
Portugal as a nation and the Cross of Christ from 1143 and the Golden Age of Discoveries to End Times

Portugal, the most robbed country in the EU, even more than Greece.
For Portugal's "debt" start here:
Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

Power of End Times Prophecy:
How five issues explained first by in one page of a 2004 thread come together within 15 hours, Jul 10 and 11 2016
Last Prophet's words from Oct 2004 - European UNION - constitution SEALED in Giulio Cesare hall, Rome - satanic trilogy II
Last Prophet's previous post was from Jul 2006. It reads: 
Notice how the Football World Cup 2006 is used as mind control weapon to let the sheep live their illusions of national independence, waving their national flags...
See: Football World Cup 2006, Germany: soccer and illuminati mind control, exposed worldwide first time

12 years after the first post and 10 years after his previous post, 
Last Prophet replies to both:
Talk of Portugal (1. December 1640), EU and football, satanic celebrations and trilogy:
These were five key elements in the coreography of the final of the very last European Football Championships in the world as the human cattle knows it.
Euro 2016: Portugal team arrives at Lisbon airport: Cross of Christ on fire:: the original SCRIPT exposed immediately after it was staged.

January 27, 2016

Invitations: pope to iran putin to orban

Pope celebrates Martin Luther, Protestantism
"Pope celebrates the Protestant Reformation, apologizes for Catholic wrongs" celebrates  the destuction of the Catholic Church on the 500 years after the satanic illuminati used agent Luther to launch protestantism [1].
"Iran's president, Pope Francis exchange gifts" [2] is part of yet another satanic celebration:
Pope and President of France invite Iranian president
"Pope Francis smiles with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the end of their private audience" and Iranian president in France for deals bonanza":
celebration of the completion of the agenda "acceptance of the coming destruction of Israel" [3].
Both episodes also part of yet another satanic celebration:
Hungary's Orban Invited to Meeting With Putin
Illuminati celebrate in Moscow [4] the role o two agents with two key roles in the ongoing genocide of syrians:
- "Putin", in his role as classic bomber in Syria
- Orban, first (same as Trump) used to in pave the way and since Sep 2015 managing extermination camps in Hungary.
[1] Why is the Pope celebrating the Protestant Reformation?
The pope is set to commemorate the Reformation in a Swedish Lutheran Church, as he leads into a push to promote interfaith dialogue.
January 25, 2016  - Pope to visit Sweden, apologizes for Catholic wrongs
500 years after reformation, Pope knocks on Lutherans' door
[2] Iran's president, Pope Francis exchange gifts
Pope Francis smiles with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the end of their private audience on January 26, 2016, at the Vatican 
[3] Iranian president in France for deals bonanza
Europe opens its arms _ mostly _ to Iranian leader Rouhani
[4] Hungary's Orban Invited to Feb. 17 Meeting With Putin
Catholic Church - modern History: Illuminati core lies
1. LIE: Vatican before 1959 = Vatican after 1959.
TRUTH: Vatican before 1960 was infiltrated by the illuminati, YET the illuminati did NOT control it. 
All "popes" after 1959 were illuminati agents. 
It took less than two years for "John XXIII" to appoint enough "cardinals" to ensure that from that moment on there would be only illuminati "popes".
The roles of "pope Francis":
Why do lluminati desperately try to exterminate the Jews?
Because it's the ONLY UNDENIABLE way to  prove the Bible wrong
Why well known actors play top politicians (Osama, Biden and Kerry to Romney, McCain) and popes (Francis to Iran's Khomeini and Khamenei)
Syrian genocide in Europe:
Mamma Merkel under fire for welcoming refugees: what this THEATER mocks: 
Illuminati used termination of "food stamps" in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, to set multitudes unknowingly yet voluntarily marching from refugee to extermination camps.
Sep 25, 2015 - Illuminati media, from BBC to german TV, reporting death trains to extermination camps as "very orderly and organized relocations", AGAIN, 80 years later.
It didn't start with a TOTAL BANG, as it will be the case for blacks in the US after the "US shutdown".
Reason: the process of feeding Europe's extermination camps with refugees and migrants is based on a steadily flow.

Talk of syrian genocide and illuminati using treasonous nazi agent "Putin" to stage satanic celebrations, start here:
Madaya Syria: Extreme satanic mockery yet "news" deception still pales in comparison with Mosul, Iraq

For a list of the tactics used to carry out the genocide of syrians, start here:
Sasha Baron Cohen and wife give $1m for Syrian refugees - For dummies
Same illuminazi actor plays fake jew Sacha Baroh Cohen and Jihadi John in the fake ISIS beheadings:
Illuminati mocking cattle with masked actors, from Bill Clinton "impersonator" to Jihadi John

October 8, 2015

Nobel Peace Prize: Mamma Merkel to beat Pope

As predicted by Last Prophet, 
Obama will remain the only BIG BANG suicide bomber to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
"Obama" and "Pope Francis" fully detonate following the imminent staged arrest of the Obama Bi(nla)den presidency.
This will take place immediately after the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden, crucified to a Boeing 777 at the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, after ascending from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. 
But Pope Francis was not beaten by "Mamma Merkel" but rather by the "Tunisia democracy".

Nobel Peace Prize 2015 changed by syrian freedom fighters, same as 2013
The failure to crush the rebels in Syria forced the illuminati to again change the original script.
2013: "Henry Kissinger wins 40 years later, this time playing Syria mediator Lakhdar Brahimi" was replaced weeks in advance with "Chemical Weapons Organization cooperating with Assad wins while Assad gasses civilians".
This time it was a last minute change and the mockery was drastically reduced. 

"Tunisia democracy awarded the Nobel Peace Prize" - for dummies
Treasonous illuminazi puppets of Tunisia stage two fake attacks within months: Tunis museum and beach attack.
Yet this mockery pales in comparison with the orginally scripted "Mamma Merkel wins two weeks after refugees start orderely boarding death trains to be transported to extermination camps".

Why was "Mamma Merkel" replaced with "Tunisia democracy" at the last minute
Oct 7, 2015, Syria: northeast Latakia province: The ground offensive by iranian shock troops was not only repelled but it ended with extremely heavy losses for the IV Reich.
This despite a previous unprecedented upscaling of air strikes, including russian and NATO airforce officially bombing in the same airspace for the first time ever in History.

The original script:
Nobel Peace Prize: Mamma Merkel to beat Jonathan Pryce alias pope Francis
Nazi agent Jonathan Pryce again playing argentinian, this time not Peron but pope Francis, did a good job as suicide bomber.
But not as good as Hitler's younger daughter and Hillary Clinton's half sister in the role of "Mamma Merkel, the compassionate mother of Syrian refugees".

Sep 1 - Mamma Merkel, the compassionate mother of Syrian refugees.

Oct 8 - Merkel, Zerai, Pope Francis all in Nobel Peace Prize buzz

Oct 9 - Tunisian democracy group wins Nobel Peace Prize
The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet "for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy" in the North African country following its 2011 revolution.
"It established an alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the country was on the brink of civil war," the committee said in its citation.
The prize is a huge victory for small Tunisia, whose young and still shaky democracy suffered two extremist attacks this year that killed 60 people and devastated the tourism industry.

Suicide bomber Pope Francis: Roles

Mamma Merkel in action befoe getting the Nobel
Illuminati used termination of "food stamps" in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, to set multitudes unknowingly yet voluntarily marching from refugee to extermination camps.
Sep 25, 2015 - Illuminati media, from BBC to german TV, reporting death trains to extermination camps as "very orderly and organized relocations", AGAIN, 80 years later.
It didn't start with a TOTAL BANG, as it will be the case for blacks in the US after the "US shutdown".
Reason: the process of feeding Europe's extermination camps with refugees and migrants is based on a steadily flow.