Satanic Ceremonies staged in public by the Illuminati

July 22, 2016

Euro 2016: Portugal football champion at Lisbon airport: Cross of Christ on fire:: original SCRIPT

Illuminati icon (for the human cattle) Ronaldo: script's climax: Ronaldo arrested because of gigantic taxes evasion.
Now you know also how this mockery ends: Ronaldo sets milestones in a "democracy" for a person still alive: a statue at the center of Madeira's capital, Santa Catarina airport renamed after him.
In other words, with another premiere: Funchal stripped from statue, Ronaldo stripped of airport.

Why Illuminati didn't go as far as to strip the airplanes of the portuguese Air Force from the cross of Christ.
For the same reason that that they didn't plant the EU flag in any of the seven castles represented in the portuguese flag or in any castle, portuguese or not, for that matter.
In other words: for the same reason that governors of EU states are still called "prime-ministers" and "presidents of the Republic"
What does this have to do with the final of the Euro 2016? After reading this you will know much more than the answer.

Portugal team arrives at Lisbon airport: the original SCRIPT
What was supposed to have happened at noon, Jul 11, 2016 
- twelve hours after "losing again the final 1-0, this time to France, because Ronaldo was deliberately knocked out"
- minutes after "Cross of Christ set on fire" staged as yet another "vaporized aircraft" episode: "Hercules C-130 military transport burning just before take-off, killing three including the pilot".
Staged at the Montijo airforce base, facing Lisbon airport on the other bank of the Tagus river. 
- one day before "EU imposes new sanctions on Portugal because of deficit but not on France although it also passed the limits set by the EU".
- as the start of yet another mock celebration, but this time with nearly every portuguese also in the cast as "Lisbon celebrates the epic path of Portugal to the final" alias of mediocrity.

Euro 2016 final: why illuminati football chief expert will not be replaced
Script's KEY act was a total misjudgement and yet illuminati football chief expert will not be replaced.
Note: in what follows "magic" refers to illuminati numerology.

How the stage was set
Cast in the final: reduced to 
- France's three strikers, all white in a team of blacks, in the role of the coming magic 777 strike at Jerusalem;
- one of them, Griezmann in the role of illuminati icon, best scorer of the competition with 7 goals.
- Ronaldo, cast as illuminati icon for a decade now.

France's striker team
Gignac, a striker playing in the mexiacan league, was in the cast to complete the magic 777 strike team with Giroud and Griezmann (G is the magic seventh character).
Griezmann wears the magic 17 and was scripted to start the final with 6 scored goals and score the only mirror his number 17: score 1 goal and total 7.

His act was scripted at the start, in a remake of the Brazil match with Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2014.
Reminder: brazilian star striker Neymar forced to simulate an injury, to justify "Brazil massacred 7-0 by Germany at home" in the next match.

Illuminati would change their football chief expert-in-chief if the show would not be terminated now
Two reasons for the change would be:
1. He was not able to get that staging Ronaldo's injury 9 minutes into the game would have the OPPOSITE effect of what was scripted.
In other words: that Ronaldo became THE liability in Portugal's team, as related Euro 2016 statistics show: #1 in off-sides, #1 in failed blatant chances to score, more failed than succesfull passes in progression, etc.
Not to mention the world record for consecutive failed attempts to score with a free kick: in a years long series the number reached now 43 and Ronaldo still won't let anyone else try it.

2. He was so wrong about Ronaldo that he also thought that it would be not necessary to cast two portuguese defenders in the script, as it was the case for the Brazilian team in the semi-final of the World Cup 2014.

Ronaldo's "injury" 2016 vs Suarez "bite" 2014
A reminder: ALL TV commentators are previously informed of what their line is after a scripted act. In this case: "it looks like Ronaldo was terribly hit".
Contrast it with the staged bite from Suarez in 2014, where there was no need to photoshop evidence after the match: the "mark" was already there in advance, Chielini only had to uncover it.

Photoshopped "evidence" to have human cattle comment: "it certainly looks like the collision horribly injured his knee."

Brazil and Portugal: illuminati links established across the Atlantic:
From seers to cheering football wannabe champions and plane crashes.
Nov 2016 - How it all comes together:
Chapecoense, Brazil wonder football team crash: Galilee seer v Illuminati Grand Master: ATTENTION: NOT a joke
"Plane Carrying Doomed Wonder Team Ran Out of Fuel Before Crash" is the key joke in the script "Brazilian Football Wonder Team DROPPED".
As for the seer "Charly from Galilee" joke: what the comparison with the Illuminati Grand Master's predictions reveals is NOT a joke.

May 13, 2017 - Illuminati mock Fatima's 100th anniversary with "miracles", two of them part of the script "Football miracles by pope Francis, who is crazy for footbal".

For Suarez bite and Brazil masscred at home 2014 you can start here:
England out of EUro, boss quits: staged twice within two days as parallel type of illuminati joke.
Same as the scripted Wales slaughters Russia 7-0, that against the odds the welsh players were not able to complete.,
Jun 2016 - 
Copa America semi-finals: Mexico slaughtered at home (Southern California) 7-0.
It was the second part of the trilogy staged before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest after Jerusalem's resurrection of Osama crucified to missing Boeing 777:
Two days later:
Euro 2016: Grotesque Wales football team unable to score the scripted 7 goals despite having half of the Russian team on their side

Jul 2014 Footbal World Cup: Germany Brazil 7-1 impossible result THEATER: ** UNDENIABLE ** proof: ALL explained in ADVANCE ONLY by Last Prophet
Brazil, still took place because ukrainian resisters forced Illuminati Grand Master to postpone BIG BANG.
Brazilians virtually slaughtered by Germany, one year after the real slaughter of brazilians by the illuminati at the Santa Maria disco.
Neymar and two defenders blackmailed to participate.
All staged by Brazil's treasonous government, nazi agents executing illuminati orders.
The impossible result: Symbolic score was supposed to be 7-0 with 5-0 at half time and 4 goals in 7 minutes.
Why the script wasn't exactly fulfilled

Illuminati icon Ronaldo does nothing but to execute orders from the illuminati.
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End Times Prophet's words from 2004:
Portugal as a nation and the Cross of Christ from 1143 and the Golden Age of Discoveries to End Times

Portugal, the most robbed country in the EU, even more than Greece.
For Portugal's "debt" start here:
Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

Power of End Times Prophecy:
How five issues explained first by in one page of a 2004 thread come together within 15 hours, Jul 10 and 11 2016
Last Prophet's words from Oct 2004 - European UNION - constitution SEALED in Giulio Cesare hall, Rome - satanic trilogy II
Last Prophet's previous post was from Jul 2006. It reads: 
Notice how the Football World Cup 2006 is used as mind control weapon to let the sheep live their illusions of national independence, waving their national flags...
See: Football World Cup 2006, Germany: soccer and illuminati mind control, exposed worldwide first time

12 years after the first post and 10 years after his previous post, 
Last Prophet replies to both:
Talk of Portugal (1. December 1640), EU and football, satanic celebrations and trilogy:
These were five key elements in the coreography of the final of the very last European Football Championships in the world as the human cattle knows it.
Euro 2016: Portugal team arrives at Lisbon airport: Cross of Christ on fire:: the original SCRIPT exposed immediately after it was staged.