Satanic Ceremonies staged in public by the Illuminati

July 19, 2009

MOON LANDING HOAX - satanic celebration FULL STORY revealed worldwide first 40 years later: you do not need to be a rocket scientist to solve riddle

X solves the riddle presented by End Times Prophet exposing the ultimate "illuminati jailed" HOAX (1) a few days ago.
It is now the time to reveal the last piece of the satanic celebration behind the MOON LANDING HOAX, 40 years ago to the day.

"Coincidentally" it is a piece that fits perfectly into the the ultimate "illuminati jailed" HOAX that was just exposed.
"Coincidentally" the name of the man at the core of the satanic celebration 40 years ago...
[ _ _ _ ] [_ _ _ _ _ ].
... matches almost exactly the name of the woman associated with the end (among other things) of X, the person that solves the ultimate "illuminati jailed" HOAX.

Actually the second word is exactly the same.
If you think this is a joke then make no mistake: this is presented by the same Prophet who revealed first end times hoaxes from "space stations" orbiting the Earth (2) to "spacecraft" orbiting other planets. (3)

poster 719886 replies:
The only thing that makes me believe it may have been a hoax is the fact that it will take nasa over ten years to develop the technology for the "new" mission.

Prophet replies:
Please, leave the technological feasibility discussion out of this.
Everything about that was said long ago, just like everything about aluminium planes cutting through steel was said long ago.

Poster "ECHOING EVAN" asks: Does the last piece have to do with "Hitler landing on the moon"?
Prophet replies:
"Not far fetched, since the goal of the celebration is to advance the "resuscitate Hitler" agenda."  (4)

Poster nomuse asks: Translation, please? I don't speak Marriot.
Prophet replies:
What coincidence involves Brownshirts and what was revealed above?
Hint: you don't need a german-english dictionary for that.

(1) "Illuminati jailed" HOAXES, from X ([_ _ _ _ _ _]) to Madoff - exposed worldwide first

(2) The *** Sky is falling *** jokes by the Illuminati - ATTENTION - this is NOT a joke

(3) Types of NASA hoaxes


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