Satanic Ceremonies staged in public by the Illuminati

September 27, 2006

Mark of the Beast: how did the post-acceptance Schiavo celebration fit into the 9/11 celebration

What End Times Prophet prophesized, as the Schiavo celebration was launched 2005

1. End Times Prophet revealed the basic fact about what would happen: Illuminati celebrate the acceptance of the mark of the beast with the ultimate satanic ritual murder, a ritual also useful to convince the few who did not accept it that "there is no more hope".

2. End Times Prophet revealed the basics of what ultimate satanic ritual murder would mean: "live" satanic ritual on TV ending obviously with the death of the victim.

3. End Times Prophet revealed that one of the basic agenda items (besides advancing the "mass murder of unproductive" agenda) of the "Schiavo" script was that it was a piece in the puzzle of illuminati celebrations.

4. End Times Prophet revealed how this satanic celebration related to the 9/11 satanic celebration, the first "live" mass slaughter of the "average" citizen: just like 9/11, Terri Schindler aka Schiavo, the first "live" satanic ritual murder, should include every possible symbol of "human cattle in the slaugherhouse being slaughtered without reacting".
Reminder: such 9/11 symbols go from calls to "Remain in the building" after the WTC tower was "impacted" to people hanging to glass windows before jumping off the cliff; the ultimate symbol is the use of mini-nukes against the own citizens to let the curtain fell. (1)

5. End Times Prophet revealed that one of those symbols would be the date of the death, scheduled for Good Friday 2005.

What happened

6. Illuminati change the only thing they can change, the date of the death, i.e. a prophecy belonging in the category "illuminati can react; worth changing it, to prove True Prophet wrong". (2)

7. Everything else prophesized by End Times Prophet was fulfilled. In particular
- the live" satanic ritual on TV is taken to the utter limits: denial of water; 12 years old children try to bring a glass of water to be arrested with handcuffs; parents denied the right to see their daughter;
- the zombies confirm the acceptance of the mark of the beast: day after day, almost everyone fails to react.
- the satanic ritual ends with the murder of the victim.




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Original article deleted, used later as reference for another satanic celebration, October 2008, the "election" of the last face of the last antichrist, Clinton --